Sunday 20 March 2016


This is more of an anecdote than a real blog but I wanted to let you know I AM still here though very busy with my FAMILIES OF FAIRLEY TERRACE series

Really I should have posted it at Christmas ...

Do you remember my tales of being a real life Heartbeat Wife? This isn't about me, it's about Terry, who was something of a Pied Piper where animals, birds, and any wildlife really were concerned.

When he was stationed in Bath a call came in to say that a swan had mistaken one of the main roads through the city for the river, and was stranded there, causing a major obstruction in the Christmas Eve traffic.

There was discussion amongst the attending officers as to what to do about it and a call was to be put through to the RSPCA. Terry had a better idea than waiting for them to arrive. He picked the swan up, tucked it under his arm with one hand holding its neck firmly so it couldn't turn and peck him, carried it down to the river and launched it with a quick shove under its bottom. The swan sailed happily away.

But you can just imagine the comments he receoved from the people he passed on the way. The most common being: 'I see you've got your Christmas dinner there!' or words to that effect ...

Which is why I said this really should have been posted a couple of months ago ...

I have other stories of Terry with animals ... I'll post some soon!